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Calendar Review
Finance & Budget Committee Meeting
Finance & Budge Agenda Packet - February 7, 2017


1. Call to Order. JP Butch Pond will call the meeting to order as senior
member of the County Services Committee.

2. Introduction of Committee Members. The 2017-18 Finance and
Budget Committee is a committee of the whole.

3. Selection of Chair / Vice Chair.

4. Adoption of Agenda.

5. Review of the Finance and Budget Committee’s Responsibilities.
The Committee’s responsibilities are to review and make
recommendations on the financial condition of the County, to include
appropriation, fiscal control, audit review, and monitoring of expenditures.

6. Establishment of Regular Meeting Time. The Finance and Budget
Committee meeting today is the Tuesday, 9 days prior to the regular
Quorum Court meeting, at 5:30 p.m. in the Quorum Court Room.

7. Financial Report. County Treasurer Bobby Hill and Comptroller
Ashley Farber will update the Committee on the monthly financial

8. An Ordinance Anticipating Revenues Totaling $9,000 In State
Grants; And Appropriating $9,000 From The Juvenile Court Grant
Fund To The DHS-JDAI Budget For 2017.

9. Request From County Judge Joseph Wood To Create A Chief
Deputy Of Administration Position For 2017.

10. Other Business: Any other business to be discussed by the
Committee will be brought up at this time.

11. Public Comments.

12. Adjournment.