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Calendar Review
Jail/Law Enforcement/Courts Committee Meeting
This meeting will be held immediately following Personnel.

Jail / Law Enforcement / Courts Agenda Packet - February 6, 2017


1. Call to Order. JP Joe Patterson will call the meeting to order as senior
member of the Jail/Law Enforcement/Courts Committee.

2. Introduction of Committee Members. Members of the 2017-2018 Jail/Law
Enforcement/Courts Committee are: Harvey Bowman, Lisa Ecke, Roddy
Lloyd, Tom Lundstrum, Eva Madison, Joel Maxwell, and Joe Patterson.

3. Selection of Chair / Vice Chair

4. Adoption of Agenda

5. Review of the Responsibilities of the Jail/Law Enforcement/Courts Committee:
The responsibilities of the Jail/Law Enforcement/Courts Committee include
discussion and planning for all phases of the current systems with an eye
toward the future. This would take into account operating, philosophy, and
financing of current and future needs.

6. Establishment of Regular Meeting Time. The Jail/Law Enforcement/Courts
Committee meeting today is the Monday, 10 days prior to the regular Quorum
Court meeting, at 5:30 p.m. (immediately following the Personnel Committee

7. Report from the Juvenile Detention Facility.

8. Report from the Sheriff’s Office on Enforcement and Adult Detention.

9. A Resolution Confirming The Policy Statement Of The Sheriff Regarding
The Temporary Filling Of The Office Of Sheriff Pursuant To Act 229 Of 2009

10. Other Business: Any other business to be discussed by the Committee
will be brought up at this time.

11. Public Comments.

12. Adjournment.