Job Descriptions By Grade


Job Grade:


Date Reviewed:

Grade 6    
Janitorial Person Building and Grounds 2011
Grade 7    
Grade 8    
Administrative Assistant Animal Services Animal Shelter 2011
Deputy I Cashier/Clerk Collector 2014
Library Clerk Library 2011
Secretary Receptionist-HIV Clinic HIV Clinic 2011
Secretary Receptionist Sheriff's Office Sheriff's Office 2012
Secretary/Receptionist  Veterans Affairs Veteran Services 2012
Grade 9    
AP Administrator Assistant Comptroller 2013
Deputy II Cashier/Clerk Collector 2014
Deputy Assessor I Assessor 2015
Records Clerk Secretary Sheriff Sheriff 2012
Office Manager- Coroner's Office Coroner 2016
Grade 10    
Administrative Assistant Assessor Assessor 2013
Administrative Assistant County Judge County Judge 2007
Administrative Assistant Juvenile Court Juvenile Court 2013
Administrative Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Prosecuting Attorney 2012
Assistant Civil Process Bookkeeper Sheriff 2012
Assistant Office Manager- Road Road 2011
Juvenile Care Worker JDC 2016
Deputy Circuit Clerk I Circuit Clerk 2011
Deputy Clerk II Voter Registrar County Clerk 2012
Heavy Equipment Operator Trainee Road 2011
Maintenance Worker Building and Grounds 2008
Property Assistant Sheriff Sheriff 2012
Grade 11    
Accounts Payable/Purchasing Clerk Sheriff Sheriff 2012
Assistant Data Processing Clerk-Emp Training Supervisor Collector 2014
Collection Center Worker Environmental Affairs 2013
Commercial Personal Property Deputy Assessor 2015
    Deputy Assessor IIAssessor2015
Deputy II Branch Manager Collector Collector 2014
Enforcement Secretary Sheriff 2012
Heavy Equipment Operator Road 2011
Accounts Payable Administrator Comptroller 2011
Grade 12    
Administrative Detention Bookkeeper Sheriff 2012
Adult Detention Officer Sheriff Sheriff 2012
Assistant Bookkeeper Criminal Juvenile Court Circuit Clerk 2011
Assistant Leadman/ ForemanBuilding and Grounds 2014
Booking Officer Sheriff 2012
Cook Supervisor Sheriff Sheriff 2008
Deputy Clerk II EQ Exec Sec County Clerk 2012
Deputy Treasurer Treasurer 2012
Dispatcher Sheriff 2012
Interlibrary Loan Librarian-Admin Assistant County Library 2015
Recycling Program Truck Driver  Environmental Affairs 2014
Vet Technician Animal Shelter 2016
Welder Road 2011
Grade 13    
Assistant Court Administrator County Clerk 2012
Buildings Maintenance Technician Building and Grounds 2011
Children's Librarian Library 2011
Community Resource Program Coordinator Juvenile Court 2011
Deputy II Assistant Bookkeeper Collector 2014
Deputy Circuit Clerk II Circuit Clerk 2011
Animal Control Officer Civilian Sheriff 2014
Domestic Relations Specialist Circuit Clerk 2013
Environmental Enforcement Officer Environmental Affairs 2013
Human Resources Technician HR 2014
Legal Assistant-Juvenile Division PA Prosecuting Attorney 2012
Paralegal-Media Specialist Prosecuting Attorney 2012
Public Works Support Coordinator   Planning 2015
Purchasing Coordinator/ Buyer Purchasing 2014
Quorum Court Coordinator, Reporter County Judge 2005
Victim Restitution Coordinator/ Intern Coordinator Prosecuting Attorney 2010
Tax Enforcement Technician Collector 2014
Victim Assistance Coordinator for Domestic Violence Cases Prosecuting Attorney 2012
Grade 14    
911/DEM Support Coordinator-Office Manager DEM 2014
Assistant Bookkeeper-Data Supervisor Circuit Clerk 2011
Assistant Hot Check Administrator Prosecuting Attorney 2012
Bilingual Paralegal Prosecuting Attorney 2012
Branch Manager Assessor 2015
Bridge Crew Lead Road 2011
Deputy III Bookkeeper Collector 2014
Youth Development Supervisor  JDC 2016
Election Administrator Asst-Absentee Voting County Clerk 2012
Executive Assistant JDC  JDC 2016
GIS Technician Assessor 2015
Heavy Equipment Operator II Road 2011
Kennel Supervisor Animal Shelter 2011
Lead Man, Foreman  Building and Grounds 2011
Legal Assistant Public Defender Public Defender 2014
Office Manager-Animal Services Animal Shelter 2011
Office Manager HIV Clinic HIV Clinic 2011
Paralegal- County Attorney County Attorney 2016
Research and Records Manager Sheriff 2008
Warrants Records Supervisor  Sheriff 2014
   Welder II  Road 2008 
Grade 15    
Assistant Records Manager Archives 2012
Bookkeeper-Criminal/Juvenile Court Circuit Clerk 2011
Child Support Administrator Circuit Clerk 2011
Data Processing Clerk Collector 2014
Deputy First Class Sheriff Sheriff 2012
Diversion Coordinator
Juvenile Court2013
Evidence Coordinator Sheriff 2012
Heavy Equipment Operator Lead Road 2011
HR Technician Lead/Trainer HR 2014
Juvenile Case Coordinator- Prosecuting Attorney Prosecuting Attorney 2010
Juvenile Officer Juvenile Court 2011
Land Records Coordinator Circuit Clerk 2011
Maintenance Technician II Building and Grounds 2011
Network Administrator Assessor Assessor 2008
Office Manager Road Department Road 2011
Tax Enforcement Manager Collector 2014
Grade 16    
911 Deputy Coordinator DEM 2007
Appraiser IV Assessor 2015
Public Utility & Assistant Grants Admin Grants 2016
Case Coordinator Prosecuting Attorney 2005
Case Coordinator PD Public Defender 2014
Civil Process Bookkeeper Sheriff 2012
Data Base Analyst Collector 2014
Deputy III Collector Collector 2014
Deputy Clerk III Head Bookkeeper-Retirement Adm County Clerk 2012
     Juvenile Intake OfficerJuvenile Court2013
Juvenile Officer-Specialized Police Officer
Juvenile Court2013
     Juvenile Officer II-Specialized Police Officer Juvenile Court2016
Lead Dispatcher Sheriff 2012
Nurse Sheriff Sheriff 2008
Payroll Administrator Comptroller Comptroller 2012
Planning Technician Planning 2015
Research Analyst Assessor 2015
Grade 17    
Assistant Fire Marshall Sheriff 2012
Bookkeeper-Data Supervisor Circuit Clerk 2011
Youth Development Specialist Supervisor JDC 2016
Drug Court Case Worker/ Case Manager Drug Court 2016
Executive  Assistant Admin. Sheriff Sheriff 2012
Building and Grounds Accounting Administrator Building and Grounds 2013
Jury Administrator Circuit Clerk 2016
Juvenile Intake Diversion Officer Juvenile Court 2016
Office Administrator-Prosecutor's Office  Prosecuting Attorney 2012
Planner Planning 2015
Purchasing Administrator Purchasing 2015
Social Worker JDC 2013
Training Officer/One Call Officer Road  2016
Grade 18    
Commercial/Personal Property Supervisor Assessor 2015
Computer Administrator/ Help Desk Manager IT 2014
Computer Software Design Technician  IT 2011
Corporal/Animal Control Officer Sheriff 2012
Corporal Sheriff Sheriff 2012
Crime Scene Specialist Sheriff 2008
Deputy DEM Director/Educator DEM 2011
Deputy Director/Education Coordinator Environmental Affairs 2013
Election Administrator County Clerk 2012
Executive Assistant County Judge County Judge 2008
Executive Assistant Sheriff Sheriff 2012
GIS Coordinator Assessor 2015
Head Bookkeeper-Collector Collector 2014
Hot Check Administrator Prosecuting Attorney 2012
Investigator, Court and Trial Coordinator Public Defender 2016
Lead Juvenile Officer Juvenile Court 2015
Personal Property Supervisor Assessor 2015
Maintenance Technician Lead Trainer Building and Grounds 2011
Real Estate Supervisor Assessor 2015
Senior Appraiser Assessor 2015
    Senior Case Coordinator Prosecuting Attorney 2016
Senior Legal Assistant Prosecuting Attorney 2012
Senior Mechanic  Road 2011
Social Worker- Juvenile Court Juvenile Court 2016
Staff Development Supervisor  JDC 2016
Victim Assistance Program Director Prosecuting Attorney 2012
 Grade 19    
Computer Administrator Circuit Clerk 2011
Crusher Materials Supervisor Road 2012
Fire Marshal  Sheriff 2010
Grader Brush Hog Supervisor Road 2012
HR Administrator HR 2014
Master Electrician Building and Grounds 2012
Master Mechanic Road 2011
Property Manager Sheriff 2008
Senior Planner Planning 2015
Sheriff's Information Technology Manager Sheriff 2012
Shop Supervisor Road 2012
Sign Tile and Paving Supervisor Road 2012
 Grade 20    
Archivist Records Manager Archives 2008
Assistant Comptroller Comptroller 2009
Assistant Director JDC JDC 2016
Bridge Supervisor Road 2015
Chief Deputy Treasurer Treasurer 2012
Director of Veterans Affairs  Veteran Services 2012
Dispatch Manager  Sheriff 2012
Forensic Social Worker - SWIP Administrator  JDC 2015
Sergeant Sheriff Sheriff 2012
Sergeant Training Officer Sheriff Sheriff 2012
Grade 21    
Assistant Library Director Library 2011
Chief Deputy Assessor Assessor 2015
Chief Deputy Circuit Clerk Circuit Clerk 2011
Chief  Deputy Collector Collector 2014
Chief Deputy County Clerk County Clerk 2012
Chief Deputy of Real Estate/Personal Property Assessor 2015
Grade 22    
Lieutenant Sheriff   Sheriff 2016
Grade 23    
911 Emergency Management/Fire Services Director DEM 2012
Animal Shelter Director Animal Shelter 2016
Director, Environmental Affairs & Recycling  Environmental Affairs 2012
Director of Juvenile Court Services Juvenile Court 2013
Library Director Library 2011
Public Relations Director/Personnel Manager Sheriff 2016
Planning Director  Planning 2015
Grade 24    
Building & Maintenance Director Building and Grounds 2011
Captain Sheriff Sheriff 2016
Grants Administrator Grants 2015
Network & Computer Administrator IT 2011
Programmer & System Analyst IT 2011
SQL Database Administrator IT 2013
Grade 25    
JDC Director JDC 2016
Grade 26    
Assistant Road Superintendent Road 2011
Comptroller Comptroller 2012
Human Resources Director HR 2012
Senior Programmer/ Manager IT 2014
Grade 27    
Major Sheriff Sheriff 2011
Road Superintendent Road 2011
Grade 29    
Chief of Staff County Judge 2013
Chief Deputy Sheriff Sheriff 2011
     Animal Shelter VeterinarianAnimal Shelter2013
County Attorney County Attorney 2014
Deputy Public Defender Public Defender 2012
Technology Director IT 2011
Circuit Court Staff Attorney Circuit Court 2014
Drug Court Counselor in Training Drug Court 2016


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